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7 Rules For Being Happy in LIFE!!

We are all living in a world of uncertainty, political crisis, natural calamities, terrorism which is more than enough to shake our confidence leaving us with a feeling of loneliness and insecurity. Feelings of being a victim of an unsafe event has become a common phobia and more and more people are seeking solace in meditation, yoga and some even in hypnotism and psychiatry, but the simple approach to life is ‘living simple’ in thought and action. It is also about having confidence in oneself and above all faith in God. A popular quote ‘Happiness is a state of mind’ Most people owe their happiness to material success like immense wealth, cars, bungalows and above all luxurious living, but wisdom lies in finding our happiness in the small but the most important things of life. Let us find out what truly makes us happy.


1. Relationships (Caring and Sharing):- The most important aspect of a person’s life is ones family. Caring and sharing genuinely for our family in bad times as well as good is one of the important rules for being happy. It gives us a feeling of oneness and also boosts our EQ (Emotional Quotient).


2. Being Positive: – Having a positive attitude in the most a difficult and turbulent time is one way of testing our will power and determination. Setting goals and constantly persevering to reach our aims and ambitions is also a golden rule for making us happy. We must not forget that most rich people in this world have laughed their way out of their poverty and hardships and have thanked God for those difficult times that they have faced to shape their future.


3. Love everyone unconditionally: – ‘Love makes the world go round’. It is true when there is love and emotional warmth and bonding in a family it gives us a feeling of security. Quality family time spent together by going out for picnics and long drives brings us close to our families.


4. Just be yourself: – We humans often have two faces one for the public and the other for our family. The face that we have for our family is the one that is real because our family members know us, our failures and disappointments. It is more important to be ourselves and enjoy and take things in a relaxed manner by listening to music, reading a book or quiet family dinners.


5. Eat Healthy, Exercise and Diet: – It is very important to remember that to be happy one should eat healthy, exercise regularly and also follow a proper diet. There are many mood and energy foods in the market. Finding the right balance will keep us fit and healthy.


6. Hard Work and Perseverance: – It is very important for people to remain grounded. Hard work never harmed anybody. It is hard work and constant perseverance in life that keep us challenged which in turn keeps us mentally alert to look for opportunities for our personal growth which makes us happy.


7. Develop a constructive hobby: – Many people in this world have become so busy that they have forgotten what gives them true happiness. It is never too late to start. Pick up a hobby that keeps you busy for many hours and you end up feeling satisfied and happy. Last but not the least there are a million rules to be happy each and every individual must find his own formula in life to make him happy.


There are no hard and fast rules to be happy but a sincere effort in this direction will go a long way in ensuring that every individual finds lasting peace and happiness in this difficult world.

🙂 ~good Luck!!~ ❤


1. Never hate…..
2. Don’t worry…..
3. Live simple…..
4. Expect a little…..
5. Give a lot…..
6. Always smile…..
7. Faith in God ….


  1. November 1, 2010 at 12:01 am

    Tiada ketenangan jika ada kebencian

  2. November 19, 2010 at 1:53 pm

    betul tu akhi..hehe
    ~merajuk skit2 biasa la kan..heee ^_^

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