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Melamine : Kementerian Kesihatan Xbuat keje ke?

Salam, Best tak tajuk diatas? tp, pasal isu melamine ni..dlm otak sy mmg terpancul soalan ni..tambah2 lagi sy terbaca artikel dr Dubai tentang melamine ni.. dan sy setuju dgn pihak Dubai dan mengharap agar Malaysia pun akan ikut jejak langkah Dubai utk kesihatan rakyat, so, i will share the article =)


A campaign has been launched to confiscate melamine tableware which contains urea formaldehyde and do not comply with the UAE standards and specifications.

 Melamine plates a health hazard

Gulf News Report

Published: May 14, 2007, 00:00

Dubai: Beware of eating in cheap melamine dining plates as they contain substance harmful to health, warns Dubai Municipality.

“We have issued official circular banning import and sale of some cheap melamine plate and cups containing urea formaldehyde, a substance which is hazardous to health,” said Salah Amiri, Director of Municipality’s Dubai Central Laboratory.

He said the civic body has also launched a campaign to confiscate melamine tableware, which contains urea formaldehyde and does not comply with the UAE standards and specification.

He said that urea formaldehyde, which is commonly used in making casing of electrical appliances and also insulation material, is an acidic foaming agent and is not suitable for public health. It can harm the human digestive system and create respiratory problems.


The decision to ban the cheap melamine tableware has been taken after a survey and laboratory tests conducted by the Food and Environment Laboratory. The analysts found that the banned material used in the plate mixes with food and it can be harmful for health.

“During the tests, we found that some melamine tableware are made of the dangerous substance called urea formaldehyde which is identical to melamine formaldehyde, that is used to make ‘real’ melamine plates,” he said.

Khalid Sharif, Assistant Director of Public Health Department and Head of Food Control Section said that it was very difficult to differentiate between the real melamine and fake melamine plates, as their physical appearance is same.

“That is why, our inspectors will conduct inspections of shops selling such plates to confiscate them. Also, we are informing importers to get certification from the municipality before marketing them to ensure that they are importing the right material,” he said.

Sharif said that they would also inform restaurants to stop using the banned melamine plate.

He said the melamine dishes are selling fast in the local market because they are cheap, come in attractive colours and do not break on impact.

Plastic bags and plates may be banned too

Plastic bags and disposable plastic plates are next on the list of items likely to be banned as part of Dubai Municipality’s campaign to regularise the use of food packaging material to ensure public health, said a senior official.

“We have already banned use of disposable plastic cups for hot beverages and are now working on regularising the use of disposable plastic plates and also polythene bags, which are hazardous for public health,” said Khalid Sharif, assistant director for Public Health and head of Food Control Section at the Municipality.

He said that municipality is currently conducting tests and it would announce the classification of different polythene bags for different use. “Some bags which are non-degradable would also be completely banned while some will be used for packaging certain non-food items,” he said.

Have your say
After reading this report, will you stop eating on cheap melamine dinning plates? Do you think the ban on potentially hazardous food materials will help ensure public health? What more needs to be done?

( http://archive.gulfnews.com/articles/07/05/14/10125274.html )

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